A Few Beautiful Minutes

Experiencing a Solar Eclipse


By Kate Allen Fox

Illustrated by Khoa Le

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A poetic and exquisitely illustrated tribute to the solar eclipse and the magic of togetherness, seen through the eyes of a child.​

What happens during a solar eclipse? The sun vanishes. Light becomes dark. Day animals sleep, and night animals wake. The moon takes over the sky. People stop what they’re doing and together, they look up. The whole world changes for a few beautiful minutes.

Celebrating a favorite wonder of the universe, A Few Beautiful Minutes encourages young readers to (safely) discover each stage of a solar eclipse, and to experience how this incredible phenomenon can connect us to one another.

  • A Chicago Public Library Best Informational Book for Young Readers
    An NCTE Notable Children’s Books in the Language Arts Award Book
  • * "Rich, poetic language explains the process of a total solar eclipse and ponders its effects on the living creatures below.... The meditative verse offers enough factual information and terminology to make this an excellent choice for a science lesson.... Like a solar eclipse, this theatrical work of nonfiction is not to be missed."
    Kirkus, starred review
  • * "The miracle of the eclipse and the miracle of existence are drawn together in this title about the unifying power of coming 'face-to-face with the splendor of the universe.'"
    Publishers Weekly, starred review
  • "Fox deftly captures the anticipation of such a colossal event and the way it can make a person feel both small and a part of something big at the same time.... Le's digital illustrations are wonderfully ethereal, with deep pinks and dreamy blues, and reminiscent of watercolor painting.... This nonfiction story will pique a child's curiosity, leaving them to ponder their place in the universe."
  • "Artful poetry and bold artwork combine in this warm and inviting exploration of a total solar eclipse.... This thoughtful and gracefully illustrated picture book is a strong choice that brings together the entrancing nature of eclipses and the facts surrounding the extraordinary event."
  • "In a blend of science and art, this book succeeds in making the complex accessible and extraordinarily relatable, making it a valuable addition to any collection’s astronomy shelves."
    School Library Journal
  • "Kate Allen Fox’s gentle prose and Khoa Lee’s gorgeous, nature-focused illustrations can help us all appreciate this phenomenon with fresh eyes."
    Atlas Obscura

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Sep 26, 2023
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