Satchel Paige

Striking Out Jim Crow


By James Sturm

Illustrated by Rich Tommaso

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Baseball Hall of Famer Leroy “Satchel” Paige (1906 – 1982) changed the face of the game in a career that spanned five decades. Much has been written about this larger-than-life pitcher, but when it comes to Paige, fact does not easily separate from fiction. He made a point of writing his own history . . . and then re-writing it. A tall, lanky fireballer, he was arguably the Negro League’s hardest thrower, most entertaining storyteller and greatest gate attraction. Now the Center for Cartoon Studies turns a graphic novelist’s eye to Paige’s story. Told from the point of view of a sharecropper, this compelling narrative follows Paige from game to game as he travels throughout the segregated South.

In stark prose and powerful graphics, author and artist share the story of a sports hero, role model, consummate showman, and era-defining American.


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Apr 23, 2019
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96 pages

James Sturm

About the Author

James Sturm is a cartoonist and the cofounder of The Center for Cartoon Studies. His graphic novels include The Golem’s Mighty Swing, Market Day, and Off Season. His picture books for children include Ape and Armadillo Take Over The World, Birdsong, and the Adventures in Cartooning series (with Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Frost).

Rich Tommaso started writing and drawing original comics and graphic novels in 1993. He is mostly known for his series of crime novels, the first of which was Clover Honey. Since then, he has penned a few more crime books, including Sam Hill: The Cavalier Mr. Thompson, Dark Corridor, and Dry County. At the moment he is drawing a new, but classically-styled, Dick Tracy comic series with Mike, Lee, and Laura Allred. Aside from his crime work he’s made a dozen other comics and graphic novels in various genres, including Spy Seal, She Wolf, Vikings’ End, Don’t Look Back, 8 1/2 Ghosts, Perverso!, The Horror of Collier County, and a humorous travel book called Let’s Hit the Road. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his girlfriend, Amy, and their two cats.

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