By Drew Brockington

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Drew Brockington, creator of the CatStronauts and Waffles and Pancake series, lends his graphic novel expertise and humor to a picture book tribute to Godzilla movies about a perennial problem: the crankiness that comes from an empty stomach!

When a young lizard monster gets a hankering for his favorite hot dog spot, he takes the train all the way to the city–only to find that the place is closed for vacation. But when this little monster gets too hungry, he starts to get angry. And when he gets hangry, this poor city is at risk of a full-scale monster attack. As his rage swells, so does he, until he's the size of a skyscraper, and it falls to the citizens to find him some food–and fast!

In a hilarious story about a hunger-induced tantrum, Drew Brockington uses speech bubbles and sight gags to bring a smile to the face of any little monster.

  • "Children and teachers alike will laugh out loud as they identify with the anger of the normally gentle monster not getting what he is expecting and the humor of finding a substitute just to have it snatched away at the last minute."
    School Library Connection
  • "Uses panel-style framing to string readers along in the best way...and includes some fun visual asides."
    Publishers Weekly
  • "This could make for a lively storytime performance."
  • "Young audiences will commiserate with the monster's single-minded pursuit of a favorite food."
    School Library Journal

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Jun 4, 2019
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40 pages

Drew Brockington

About the Author

Drew Brockington has flown a Space Shuttle, repaired the International Space Station, and served in Mission Control; all during a week at Space Camp. He is the author of the CatStronauts series and the Waffles and Pancake series. He lives with his family in Minneapolis.

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