Margie Kelly Breaks the Dress Code


By Bridget Farr

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A timely and thought-provoking novel about one girl's fight against gender inequality at her middle school and the lessons about her own privilege she learns along the way.

Margie Kelly's perfect skirt was dress coded on her very first day of middle school. Upset and embarrassed, Margie spends the whole day wearing oversized gym shorts. So much for starting sixth grade with confidence!

But when Margie realizes that the dress code is only applied to the female students and not the boys, Margie gets mad. Really mad.

The dress code is keeping girls stuck in detention all day and away from learning. The boys act like they own the school. And the teachers turn a blind eye to the hypocrisies taking place in the halls, classrooms, and clubs. Something has to change! And Margie knows just how to do it. She'll plan a school-wide protest with her best friend, Daniela, and fellow classmates Jamiya and Gloria.

But as Margie moves forward with her plans, she comes to realize some hard truths about herself. Will Margie recognize her own privilege and make meaningful change for all students?

  • Praise for Margie Kelly Breaks the Dress Code:
    "Margie is bright, earnest, and appealing, and the issues of dress codes and friendship conflicts will be relatable for many middle school readers. A thoughtful treatment of sexism and white privilege for tweens."
    School Library Journal
  • Praise for Pavi Sharma's Guide to Going Home: "Debut author Bridget Farr keeps the story moving swiftly, skillfully weaving in moments of tension that allow her diverse cast of flawed yet sympathetic characters to shine."
    Publishers Weekly
  • "Well imagined [and] undeniable appeal."
  • "A fresh, feel-good story that will make readers cheer and appreciate the home and family they may take for granted."
    School Library Journal

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Jul 13, 2021
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Bridget Farr

About the Author

Bridget Farr is an author, actor, and educator. She's been an elementary and middle school teacher her entire career, most recently a vice principal at an urban public school. She has a masters from the University of Texas at Austin. Bridget is also an actor and producer and has starred in award-winning plays, produced a popular theater series, and written a short film. She is the author of Margie Kelly Breaks the Dress Code and Pavi Sharma's Guide to Going Home. Bridget lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Shiva, and the neighborhood cat, Sherman.

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