6 January Books You May Have Missed

9 January Reads You May Have Missed

6 January Books You May Have Missed



Dino Duckling coverDino Duckling by Alison Murray

Even as an egg, Dino Duckling is different from all the other baby ducks. And when he’s born, no one seems to notice that he’s actually a dinosaur! Will he ever really belong? This sweet retelling of “The Ugly Duckling” is perfect for a new generation of children.





Bad News by Pseudonymous Bosch (paperback)Bad News cover

The finale of the beloved Bad Books series is now out in paperback! Old friends return and new foes appear as Pseudonymous Bosch answers long-simmering questions in his most exciting adventure ever.





The Sweetest Sound cover

The Sweetest Sound by Sherry Winston (paperback)

Sherri Winson’s whimsical, hopeful tale, now in paperback, tells the story of Cadence Jolly. Cadence inherited her mother’s musical soul, but she’s shy as can be. When a recording of her singing leaks, will she slip back into the shadows or find her voice?





The Year of the Dog by Grace Lin (paperback)The Year of the Dog cover

Rediscover Grace Lin’s first novel, now with a fresh cover! When Pacy’s mom tells her that the Lunar Year of the Dog is good for friends, family, and finding herself, Pacy starts searching right away… with mixed results. Come along on her journey to figure out why this year of ups and downs may be lucky after all.





Mayday paperback coverMayday by Karen Harrington (paperback)

Wayne has always used his love of facts to communicate, but then a series of tragedies takes away his voice. Can he find a way to impress the prettiest girl in school, stand up to his grandfather, and find out how to speak again?





The Cruel Prince by Holly BlackThe Cruel Prince cover

The New York Times bestselling book by fantasy veteran Holly Black is full of faerie intrigue, political machinations, and delicious romance. Jude, a human girl living in the faerie court, muse use all her skills and smarts to best wicked Prince Cardan and prove herself worthy in the eyes of the fey.