Path 3: I Am a Lighthouse Preservationist

I am a Lighthouse Preservationist

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Educator Notes:

Students will create a public service announcement designed to convince the public to save a lighthouse hit by lightning.  Students will create a video, brochure, poster, or podcast, etc. with the goal of convincing others to save the lighthouse. They should be sure to explain why lighthouses are still important today even if they are not used as lighthouses any longer. They should have a clear claim that tells the audience what they want them to do (save the lighthouse) and evidence and reasoning. They should also include at least one idea for raising the money.

Teacher Prep Needed:

Since the product of this learning experience is some form of media designed to persuade others to save a lighthouse, some guidance may be necessary regarding the types of media students have access to for their projects.  If digital tools will be used, then some pre-teaching of these tools may be needed.

This is based on developing an argument, so some pre-teaching on writing clear claims and supporting with evidence and reasoning may be helpful.

This is designed to be a group experience, so facilitating group formation is helpful.

Some pre-teaching on the term “preservationist” may also be necessary.

Download or distribute the research notes page for students to use.

Lighthouse Preservationist Research Notes. Reasons I think lighthouses are important, reason the video gices for saving lighthouses, ideas I have for fundraising (raising money) to save lighthouses.


Students will create a public service announcement using argument writing skills.  Their public service announcement will include a clear claim, evidence, reasoning, and a call to action.

Read Aloud:

Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

Lighthouse preservationists help educate others about the importance of repairing and keeping lighthouses in good condition. Although most lighthouses no longer have a lighthouse keeper, preservationists still believe lighthouses are important. Soon, you will be asked to help save a lighthouse. Complete these tasks, so you will be ready and write your thoughts in your research notes.

Task #1

Re-read Hello, Lighthouse. What happens at the end of the story?

Do you think we should keep repairing lighthouses even when they are no longer being used as light houses?

If there is no lighthouse keeper, do we still need lighthouses?  Why do you think they are important?

Think of at least two reasons and include them in your preservationist research notes.

Task #2

Watch this video that was created to educate people about the importance of lighthouses.

What are at least two reasons the video gives about why it is important to save lighthouses? (Add these reasons to your research notes.)

What is the video trying to convince you to do?  Did it work?

Discuss this with a partner.

Task #3

Look at this flyer that is trying to raise money to save a lighthouse.

Lightning Strike!  We need you!

You just opened your email and received this message:

Save the lighthouse! Wind and weather are endangering our lighthouse. This important piece of history should be saved. Register for the lighthouse fun run! Every participant will receive a t-shirt. Registration fee is $25 and all proceeds will go to support the save the lighthouse project! Call 555-1234 to register!

How is the flyer trying to raise money?

How would you raise money to help repair lighthouses? (Add this to your research notes.)

Preservationist’s Project

Student Directions:

You will be working in a group for this project. Begin by saying hello to one another. Then, share the answers on your research sheets. Did you have the same ideas?  Talk about these together. Your goal is to create a public service announcement to help save the damaged lighthouse, like the email in Task #3.

Your public service announcement should include:

• A clear claim that tells your audience that the lighthouse should be saved

• Evidence and reasoning that tells WHY it should be saved. (Use your research sheet.)

• An idea for how to raise the money to repair the lighthouse

• A clear call to action (asking the audience to donate or help)

When you are sure your project is ready, your will present your project to the class or community.

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